Bon voyage!

And we’re off! It’s been a great two weeks at home, visiting with old friends and collecting last minute items.
Daily things like hot showers and ice cream in the freezer were especially enjoyable, since I won’t have them for the next year, but I am excited to find a new “normal.”
The Lord has been so good, sending visas in just yesterday for a friend, and surrounding me with love and support. I have had four separate prayer “send-offs”, each with their own special words of advice and encouragement. Thank you to each of you who took part in this special time!
We have a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong ahead of us, plus another to Hyderabad and finally to Rajahmundry. Please pray that we (and our bags!) get there safely (all the way on Sunday morning!).

Here is a great letter with updates on the school (I hope the link works):

Thanks again for all of the support!
I will try to update after our first day of VBS (on the other side of the ocean!)

God bless!



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