In Amsterdam

Many of you will remember that I went to Amsterdam last summer on a very different missions trip than this one. And in light of the extreme heat and dirty conditions and greater language barrier, I was really missing that city, and the work I did there at the Shelter City Christian Youth Hostel. But God is good, and anticipates our needs. So today, I am sitting in a window sill, listening to my Vineyard Amsterdam CD that I just rediscovered, looking out at the swallows flying by and the bikes bustling past. I could easily be back in the city that captured my heart, but as I take in the beauty of the rice paddies and coconut trees, and recall my adventures on the back of a scooter in the market (I was always safe, Mom!), I am actually so happy that I am here and not there. India has definitely been stretching, in every sense of the word, but I recognize that this is the only way that I will grow. I am so blessed with a support system that seems to keep on growing, and I know that God will give me the strength to persevere, even as I learn just what immense strength is necessary in this place. I am excited about the potential of this school, and am grateful that I get to partner alongside powerful men and women of God who have been upholding it for generations. 

Here’s to a great year!


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