I’ve Arrived.

Going into this year, I decided to give myself a two month grace-period for feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or homesickness. While I knew these feelings would naturally reemerge over the course of a year, I also worried about their initial intensity, and how I would deal with them (along the lines of “the fact that it bothers me, bothers me also”). But here I am, two months in, and while I have felt each one of those emotions more deeply than I thought possible, I also have begun to feel quite at home. And what a beautiful home it is:



Not my house, obviously, but it is the school where I spend most of my time.

I even caught myself today, as I was preparing the substitution schedule, thinking “Oh no, I don’t get to sub for 6th grade tomorrow. I’m going to miss them!” Because as rambunctious and altogether ridiculous the kids at this school are, they are also the sweetest. Coming from an older British system, the kids and staff here call me “Miss” (I also occasionally get “Madam,” which is just plain weird) or “Akka” (big sister). So I go to sleep, hearing the children call “Miss, Miss! This boy eating snacks!” or “That girl drawing, Akka!” in their adorable little accents.

I find I’m as enamored with them as they are with me (I’ve caught many of them imitating my accent, as kids will). Even Rohet, a troublemaker to the nth degree, stayed after class to help me close all of the windows and clean up the classroom.

So I’m saying it: India has my heart. I had some serious doubts if I could ever love this place the way so many claim to, but now as I reflect on even my short time here, I can’t see myself anywhere else for this year.

(Disclaimer: Having a house with wifi and a fridge certainly helps with this adjustment period, and lets me keep in close contact with my friends and family, so don’t pity my conditions at all)

I still cherish your prayers, as I continue to adjust to the 50-hour work week (which is – gasp – more exhausting than my college schedule), and to the balancing of time spent recovering vs. time spent wallowing. Please also pray specifically for a new physics teacher, and once again, for rain (I know my last post even had this in the title, but apparently I was mistaken as to the arrival of rainy season).

You are all fantastic! Thank you for loving me well!


Thoughts Unique to India

“Oh look, the bat moved from under the stairs to the kitchen.”

“Aww – those mongooses (mongeese?) are so cute!”

“Ew, I think I just ate a bug.”

“At least I can use the extra protein…”

“Is he speaking English?”

“Oops…yes he is.”

“I really hope my pleats are okay today.”

“Wait…the patient is in the casualty room? Oh no!”

“Ooooh – they call it the casuality room here. As in casual, non-emergency patients.”

“Yes, you shall go to the toilet.”

“Yes, you shall rub the board.”

“Not sure if that’s actually proper English, or British English, or just wrong…”

“I miss mangoes.”

“I really miss pizza.”

“I should probably blog soon…”


❤ ❤ ❤



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