La Vie est Faite de Petits Bonheurs.

I won’t pretend like these last 4 months haven’t been the most difficult ones in my life. Doing so would be a discredit to the work God is doing in me, as well as a trivialization of the honest struggles that rural Indians face, which Americans like me rarely have to. But, I do want to take the time to balance out the themes of hardship that have pervaded some of my blog posts, and share some of the moments that have taken my breath away, renewed my spirit, and made me overjoyed to be here:

(In no particular order):

~ Riding a camel along the beach

~ Laughing hysterically with the pastor’s wife, even though neither of us speaks the other’s language

~ Noel clinging onto my hand on the way to church, like I was the most important person to him at that moment

~ 9th class chiming out the correct answers to my questions in unison

~ Staying up late with Joice to enter student data into the stupid government website, and laughing at its confounding setup

~ The shocked looks I get whenever I respond to a question asked in Telugu

~ The beautiful, beautiful butterflies that remind me of the necessity of change

~ Eating a certain curry that was too spicy for my fellow Indians!

~ Bartering over the price of bananas in the market

~ Finding God’s presence even when the worship is loud, off-key, and altogether disjointed

~ The brilliant smiles of Joice, Elsu, Princy, and Sajini

~ Chai tea, morning and evening

~ Wrapping my sari correctly (the older girls will quickly correct me if it is not!)

~ Newfound connections with my mom about missions, India, and teaching

~ Walks on the roof, where I can read or peacefully gaze out to the miles of palm trees

~ Swapping stories with the Malayalis, while we all swat away mosquitos

~ Squeezing into a rickshaw with strangers, laughing at our equally bad language skills

~ Feeling inadequate, but being surrounded by people who heartily encourage me

~ Hearing “You are Indian!” whenever I make the effort to adorn myself with extra jewelry

~ Being Indian 🙂

So, these are mine: what are yours? Your moments of joy? What do you love about life right now? Please share in the comments section, or shoot me a message. I would love to hear from you!   IMG_6583


4 thoughts on “La Vie est Faite de Petits Bonheurs.

  1. “You are Indian” – how beautiful! I love how you have jumped in with both feet and all your heart to live with and love these people. You have already reaped such rich rewards! As usual, your blog touches my heart. It’s great to hear of these moments of joy and connection. “The Lord honors those who honor Him!”

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